What flavours do we offer? Delicious ones! Read on for drool-worthy descriptions, or book into a tasting box for a more hands on experience

Whether you’re after an old favourite, or one of our famous mud cakes, we have your taste buds covered! Don’t be afraid to ask if you have a flavour craving we haven’t discovered yet.

The basic Mud cakes:

Chocolate mud – rich, dense and decadent. Need I say more? It’s sinfully delicious, and a chocolate lovers dream.  Bonus – it’s perfect for sculpted and shaped cakes, and comes in dark chocolate or white chocolate

Salted Caramel mud – buttery, caramelly and delicious, it’s one of our favourites! Filled with real oozing salted caramel and caramel italian meringue

Lemon and passionfruit mud - white chocolate mud with a huge hit of lemon and passionfruit, this is our most ordered flavour! Dense and rich in texture, light and summery in taste. (Can also be a lemon OR passionfruit flavour if you have a preference). Filled with a lemon or passionfruit curd and italian meringue

White chocolate raspberry – white chocolate with whole fresh raspberries, it’s a sweet and tart flavour explosion. Filled with raspberry filling and italian meringue
Cookies and cream – creamy white chocolate mud with crunchy chunks of oreos, it’s something a bit different that ends up being a favourite!

Lemon meringue – Lemon and white chocolate mud cake with layers of lemon curd and Italian Meringue buttercream. Light, creamy and delicious.

Strawberry mud – white chocolate mud with strawberry filling and italian meringue, and strawberry pieces swirled through, it’s lighter than the raspberry mud, but just as delicious!

The deluxe Mud cakes:

Snickers Bar - our favourite chocolate mud cake, filled with peanut butter, salted caramel, chocolate ganache, and crushed snickers bars!

Ferrero Rocher – Chocolate mud cake with layers of nutella and ganache, and crunchy chunks of ferrero rocher through the middle. Talk about decadent!

Rich and raspberry – dark chocolate mud cake with chunks of raspberry, then filled with layers of dark chocolate ganache and raspberry curd, a seriously decadent option to spoil your guests

 Cookie Dough - White chocolate mud cake filled with seriously delicious layers of real cookie dough

Toffee Apple – caramel mud cake with spiced apples swirled through, and filled with more spiced apple and oozing caramel sauce!

Banoffee pie - classic banana mud filled with gooey caramel sauce, and caramel italian meringue!

Strawberry Champagne – Our favourite strawberry mud with the delicious added taste of pink champage, and a champagne Italian meringue

White Baileys – Our white chocolate mud with baileys (generously) swirled throughout, and filled with a Baileys Italian meringue

Caramel Gingerbread - caramel mud cake spiced with ginger and filled with oozing caramel and rich IMBC! Just like a ginger kiss!

Peaches and cream - white chocolate mud swirled with chunks or peach, and filled with chopped peaches and creamy italian meringue

Lemon raspberry - White raspberry mud cake filled with lemon curd, and raspberry italian meringue - the best of two of our favourites!

Summer fruit - White chocolate mud swirled with strawberry, peach and passionfruit, and filled with a peach passionfruit curd, and strawberry italian meringue. SUPER summery and fruity!

The Classics:

Classic chocolate - Not called a classic for nothing – it’s a moist, spongy and sinfully delicious chocolate cake! Always a crowd pleaser.

Rainbow white chocolate– delicious white mud, with a marbled swirl of rainbow colours!

Fruit – A traditional dense fruit cake with sultanas, raisins, currants, cherries and spices. A cheeky pop of crystallised ginger, and a healthy slosh of brandy.

Carrot – a very traditional carrot cake filled with pineapple and walnuts! Filled with a cheesecake Italian meringue, or white chocolate ganache


Please note - we are able to offer gluten free, dairy free, egg free and peanut free cakes where needed, BUT we do not run an allergy free kitchen, so trace elements are always a possibility.