Learn cake decorating online with me!

***PLEASE NOTE, new classes are currently on hold, but if you'd like access to the previous 8 months of classes and our group page - please get in touch!


Just like our regular classes, but available to do from home - in your own time
(even better!)

There's a new class video posted every week, AND you'll find all the BASICS already loaded and ready for you! Topics include:

- Working with buttercream, ganache and fondant
- Sugar flowers
- Figurine modelling
- Ganache painting
- Piping
- Marble effect
- 3D cake carving
- Stacking cakes

I'll also be on hand to give advice, answer your questions, and make suggestions as you go!

Subscription is $10 a month (or $110 for a year) which costs less than the price of ONE studio class with us! 

When you subscribe and join our private facebook group you get access to:

- One new class/skill/technique posted every week, and available on the page forever to tackle when you're ready 
- Behind the scenes goodies 
- Live cake-along-with-me virtual classes where I can give you real-time feedback
- First dibs when we list our in-person classes or have visiting teachers
- A group of like-minded local cake lovers just like yourself! (and if there's interest - some in-person meet ups to get to know each other)

Can't wait to see you online soon!!


FAQs and T&Cs

I'm too busy to do a new class every week! Can I still join?
Absolutely!! There is NO obligation to do every class every week (we know you're busy!) Each class will teach a new skill or technique - your choice whether you'd like to give it a go, and when! Some classes will also combine over a few weeks to make a single cake (ie - how to ganache, how to pipe decorations, and then how to add a sugar rose - three separate classes, one cake!)

I'm a complete beginner - will this suit me?
YEP! This is a great place to start - learn all the basics, watch the videos again and again, and then move on from there! And I'm just a comment away if you need a hand!

I already know the basics - is there something for me too?
For sure! Half our current students already know the basics (although they all admit to watching the videos again anyway!) and they're ready for a new challenge - we've got you covered! 

There's something particular I'd like to learn - can you help?
Sure can! Just send me a private message, or add your suggestion to the poll on the page (after you've joined) and we can add whatever the skill is to the upcoming class list!

What do I need to do the classes?
I've tried to keep the classes as tool-free as possible because I know there are LOTS of tools and gadgets when it comes to cakes! but there are some basic tools you'll benefit from having - we sell three BASIC kits to get you started, or have a look through them to see what we recommend! Find them HERE
You'll need cake/icing/fondant for certain classes - but up to you which ones you choose :) 

- This is an online class subscription aimed at home-bakers. Please note that these classes are not intended for professionals, and can not be used, shown or taught outside of this group

- You're welcome to cancel at any time! For the annual subscription I will get in touch before it automatically renews to check in with you, so no need to think ahead about next year!

- Once you have completed your sign up on Paypal, we will send you an invitation to the private group - please note this can take up to 24 hours. Then join the group - and get started when you're ready!