Wedding cakes

Getting married? It's the best excuse to eat more cake!

We know you have lots on your plate (excuse the pun) so we like to make this easy. Order a tasting box, scroll through some of the FAQs below, or get in touch!


Wedding Cake FAQs

What does it cost?

All our cakes are different depending on size, design, and where they need to be delivered. The best way to find out the price of YOUR dream cake is to send us an inquiry - there's no obligation, and no question is stupid.

How does sizing work? How many tiers do I need?

I know this is confusing if you've never ordered a big cake before! When you tell us your number of guests,we'll send you all the cake sizes that suit (with their prices) and you just choose the one you like the best! To give you an idea - you can get 112 of our SMALL portions from a 5", 7", 9" three tier round cake, or that same size gives you 55 of our DESSERT portions.You can also get just as many servings from a large wide two tier, as a tall narrow three tier - it's all about the look you're after.

Can I have fruit cake?

Yes! We offer a traditional fruit cake with all the almond-icing trimmings. Just keep in mind fruit cake is our most expensive flavour, so if you just need a couple of servings for your Nana - consider a small fruit cake in the kitchen

Who delivers the cake?

We do! Best leave the delivery to the professionals - we do it every week! 

What time will my cake be delivered?

This varies depending on the venue and our schedule for the day - most deliveries take place around lunchtime, and we will liaise with your venue directly to confirm this

What's the deal with fresh flowers?

YAY we love fresh flowers! Two options - either have your florist (or yourself!) organise your flowers and leave them at the venue for us, or we can sort this for you. Either way - there's no charge for us to attach your flowers to your cake on the day when we deliver. (And don't panic about logistics - we'll keep in touch with your florist on the day to make sure our timing lines up!)

What can we do for a topper?

There are plenty of options - we have a fantastic supplier who makes a range of word toppers for us, you can provide your own, or we can also make custom fondant toppers - owls, minions, a custom Bride and Groom - just ask!

What are your flavours?

You can find all our flavours HERE. You're welcome to have a different flavour per tier at no extra cost (and who wouldn't!)

How do servings work?

We have two servings sizes we recommend for weddings - SMALL finger portions that are perfect served with coffee if your menu already includes dessert (approx 1" x 1" x 4"), or STANDARD rectangular dessert portions, best served plated for dessert! (1" x 2" x 4"). We always recommend allowing for a few extra servings either way.

How does payment work?

We require a 20% non refundable deposit to secure your date and booking, then final payment is due 10 days before your big day. If you're keen to book your spot but not sure on the details yet, we also offer a standard $100 deposit.