Getting married? Congratulations! Now the fun begins

We might be biased, but the cake is the most important part of your wedding! Classic and elegant, or novelty and personalised, your wedding cake can tie in perfectly with your theme – as well as being a delicious treat for your guests!

We know you have lots on your plate, and ordering a cake for the first time is confusing! Pop over to our wedding FAQ page for some suggestions and hints to get you on your way, or visit our flavour page to get your taste buds on board.


Wedding Cake Prices

Like brides and grooms, our wedding cakes are all very different! Different sizes, different decoration, and winging their way to different venues!

The best way to get an idea of cost for your dream wedding cake is to make an enquiry. There’s no obligation, so don’t be afraid, just fill in as much of the form as you can, or email us to book a consultation.



Because we only bake to order, we don’t (unfortunately!) have a range of flavours floating around the studio for taste testing. Instead we run tasting evenings for our bride and grooms twice a year! Come along in the evening, have some bubbles and try a variety of our different cakes and fillings.
Come as a couple or bring the girls for an evening out, it’s the perfect chance to meet and chat with us, meet some of our recommended wedding vendors, and - of course – EAT CAKE!
Have a look at the dates we have coming up, and book online, or email us for details on our next date.



Wanting something totally personal and customisable to go on top of your cake? We can help! We can make all kinds of toppers from the unusual (owls, penguins, handcuffs) to the more traditional bride and groom with a twist! Bride wearing gumboots and groom with a shot gun? Bride with a microphone and groom with his guitar? We can make it happen! Spray them with a sealant after the big day and keep them forever!



Dessert Buffets

Need more than just cake on your big day? (who doesn’t!) then a dessert buffet might be the perfect option! Use your cake as the centrepiece and surround it with your favourite goodies – it often works out cheaper than your catered dessert option!


How does it work?

A dessert buffet is a spread of different sweets and treats that’s essentially a buffet of delicious options for your guests. We can supply the goodies for you to set up yourself, or we can do the setting up and theming for you! Whatever works for your big day.



All items on a dessert buffet are priced individually, and there are two ways to make it work for your budget. Either choose a maximum budget and let us suggest the perfect variation of treats and servings for your guests, or choose a per-head cost and we can work from there. The options are endless, but some of our most popular inclusions are:

Mini cupcakes
Different flavours of cakes

Have a look at this Gatsby dessert buffet or Rustic wedding buffet for inspiration!

Don't forget to check out our wedding FAQ's as well - you're question might already be answered!