Who we are

Stiletto Studio is all about cake! Making and decorating cakes, teaching how to make and decorate cakes, hosting parties where you can decorate and eat cake, and occasionally enjoying the scraps.

Started in 2010 as a hobby, the business went part time in 2012, and full time in 2013. Stiletto Studio now runs out of a purpose renovated and fully council registered kitchen and studio in Johnsonville.

Not your every day cakery, we do everything from a simple and decadent to a hanging chandelier. Something pretty and classic for your Grandmothers 80th, a wedding cake covered in skulls, or a zombie cake based on the birthday girl, we can make it happen. Think your request is too simple or too outrageous?, try us


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Stiletto Studio is run by Becs; an Australian born, tea drinking, slightly eccentric artist who loves the heck out of cake. With a film degree and a huge range of random work experience under her apron strings, she’s ecstatic to have found a career that includes being creative, being nosy at wedding venues, and food.

Largely self taught, most of her skills come from a heck of a lot of practice, trial and error, and well over 1000 cake orders to date. She’s thrives on a challenge, works best in the very early hours of the morning, and is proud of possessing the patience it takes to individually hand-stripe hundreds of edible bees.

When not in the kitchen, teaching a cake decorating class from her studio in Johnsonville, or hosting a hens party, you can find her cuddling puppies, painting, and watching Criminal Minds (then freaking herself out after doing so)

If you read this far even after seeing she was Australian, you’ll get along just fine.


IT Manager by day, Matt holds arguably the most stressful job in the business – Wedding cake delivery overseer. Matt is both the muscles behind the job (the lifting) and the one who monitors the cakes as they make their treacherous journey over the Rimutakas or up to Boomrock (the stressing).He has nerves of steel, and makes a damn good cup of tea. He’s also often covered (willingly or otherwise) in sparkles.


Holly is our baking extraordinaire, and can often be found in the kitchen chatting away to herself, covered in cocoa powder. Holly has a Diploma in the Culinary Arts with a speciality in Patisserie, and is the magician behind all our macarons. When not baking (and covered in icing) Holly can be found at the gym, or dreaming of travel


Trina has been with Stiletto Studio literally since the very beginning - she's actually the inspiration behind the original blog that launched the business! Trina (who also happens to be Becs' sister) is often the friendly face you meet at Tasting Evenings, Wedding Shows, and on deliveries. She's also a very reliable and dedicated taste-tester.