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Have questions about life??

Well to us, cake is life! Find all your answers (about cake) here 

If you've never ordered a cake from us before (or even if you have!) you must have SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Luckily - we've been in the biz a LONG time, and we know everything you need to know! Jump on our SIZES AND PRICES page, CONTACT US for a custom quote, or find all the other answers you seek below!

How does ordering a cake work?

It's super easy and straight forward! There's two options:
- If you would like something standard jump into our SHOP HERE to order now!
- If you would like something custom - fill in the form HERE with as much info as you can, and we'll send you some sizes and prices! From there - once you give us the go ahead to book in, we'll send you an invoice, you pay a 20% deposit to lock in your order, and you're all set to go!

How do we find you?

We are based in Johnsonville in Wellington, BUT - because our (fully council registered!) studio is attached to our home, we do not allow walk-ins at any time. If you have a cake pick up scheduled, a class or tasting to attend, or a consultation booked - we will send you our address! 

What can we expect when ordering?

Fun, we hope! Anticipation of a delicious cake, and - let's be honest - lots of exclamation marks along the way.

You make an enquiry, we'll send you some sizes and prices, you choose the one that suits you best - and we send you an invoice! Voila! 

How does payment work?

A 20% non refundable deposit is due within 2 days of confirming your order, then remaining payment must be made no later than 17 days before your order is due. We accept bank transfers, credit card, or paypal - everything you need to know will be on your invoice. 

***Please note we DO NOT ALLOW early or partial payments without prior consent - admin fees apply, and will be added to your final invoice. 

What does it cost?

Ah, the how-long-is-a-piece-of-string question! We know this is probably the first question you wanted answered, and we totally respect a budget!

Because our cakes are all so different and unique (not to mention all different sizes!) we don’t have a standard pricing list. What we CAN tell you is that our standard online cakes HERE start from $130, our custom cakes start from $190, and wedding cakes tend to start from around $400. Have a look at the SIZES AND PRICES page to get some basic pricing, or email us for a quote (we don't bite!)

How do I know if you received my payment?

As soon as your payment reaches us, it updates automatically on your invoice - just click the original invoice link you were sent, and you will be able to see it! If you have made a payment and it still isn't showing 48 hours later - that's when you need to get in touch (sometimes bank transfers take a little longer to clear on our end!)

Can I make partial payments?

Generally speaking, no - we have our payments set up to keep them streamlined and simple on our end, as we obviously make LOTS of cakes(!) and having payments flying in at random times from all different places (and often with no reference) is just a recipe for disaster. BUT - if you have made an arrangement with us in advance, and stick to the arrangement, that's fine!

What are your flavours?

SO glad you asked! All our delicious flavours can be found  HERE

Do you run wedding cake tastings?

Pre-covid we ran tasting evenings here at the studio most months of the year (except wedding season when we're too busy with weddings!) but as they kept being downsized and postponed, we now offer TASTING BOXES instead! These boxes are made to be shared between two, enjoyed at home - and can be booked directly HERE!

**Please note - tastings are not a requirement for booking your wedding cake with us! You are MOST welcome to just pick your flavours directly from the flavours list (found HERE), tastings are just part of the fun! Your confirmed flavours are not needed until 10 days before your big day, so you can book everything else for your cake - and leave flavour picking until later (if you need to)

Are cakes delivered or do we pick up?

We deliver most wedding cakes within the Wellington region and set them up for you on the day (leave it to the pros!) but understand sometimes budget restraints prevent this - if this is you, chat to us about what your responsibilities are if you choose to collect your wedding cake.

All other cake orders can either be picked up from the Johnsonville studio at an agreed time, or delivered within Wellington for a fee. Make sure you let us know if you have a specific pick up or delivery time when ordering - and please note that because we are both the makers AND the deliverers our delivery spots are VERY limited, and we don't guarantee a delivery time or schedule under any circumstances. Our standard opening hours for collection on a Saturday are between 9am and 10am. We are closed on Sundays.

Do you cater for allergies?

We have a variety of Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and vegan cakes available for orders, but please note that we DO NOT work in an allergy free kitchen, so there is always a risk of contamination.

We will take the utmost care with your particular order, but our kitchen does work with gluten, eggs, dairy and nuts on a daily basis, so please take this into account.

Please let us know if your allergy needs are extreme. Have only a few allergy-conscious guests? We suggest allergy-free cupcakes on the side, separately boxed to the main cake.

Do you make adult themed cakes?

Yes we do! We just don’t share them on social media for the sake of our younger fans. But don’t be shy, we’ve heard your blush-worthy questions about chocolate hail and creamy buttercream before

What are the serving sizes? 

There are two main serving sizes we cater to with our cakes – SMALL (1” x 1” x 4"), finger portions or STANDARD (1” x 2” x 4"). It’s up to you which of these options works best for you! Jump on the SIZES AND PRICES page for a visual of those sizes!

If serving your cake as your dessert we recommend the STANDARD portions, but with coffee with recommend the SMALL. Most often it depends on your budget, and the size of your sweet tooth!

Fondant, Buttercream, Ganache?

The age old question! So what are they?!!?

Buttercream - we make either American buttercream (butter and icing sugar) or Italian Meringue buttercream (whipped egg white with a sugar syrup). We use buttercream for the icing on our cupcakes, and the FILLINGS in our cakes. We also use buttercream for our piped decoration

Ganache - ganache is a delicious mix of chocolate or white chocolate, and cream! Ganache is what we use as the finish on ALL our cakes. It's delicious, but also incredibly stable

Fondant - Fondant is the rolled/chewy icing traditionally found on fruit/Christmas cakes. We use fondant for our figurines/flowers/banners, but up to you whether you'd like to have it as the finish on your cake! Not a fan of fondant? We can do a ganache finish, and just use fondant for the (removeable) decorations. Although fun fact - if you DO have fondant as the finish on your cake (because the design requires it) it's only a VERY thin layer! Nothing like what you remember from your Nanas Christmas cake

Round or square?

This one comes down to taste and preference! We mostly make round cakes, but we do also have squares available if needed!

For weddings - Fruit cake, yes or no?

Yes we offer fruit cake! If you love fruit cake, go for it! Just note it’s our most expensive flavour. and our HEAVIEST! This means you can only have fruit cake as your bottom (largest) tier. Don’t like it yourself but know your Nana will expect it? Have a small fruit cake in the kitchen for serving, and keep the main cake as regular flavours

Can we have a different flavour on each tier?

Heck yes, and why wouldn’t you! All our flavours cost the same (except fruit cake) so mix and match however you like! Just keep in mind some flavours have to be prioritised toward the top because they're softer, and some are not suitable for particular designs. No charges apply for having a mix of flavours across your tiers.

**If serving alternate plates of cake as the dessert at a wedding you may want to restrict your flavours so there aren’t any fights!

What are the T's & C's that apply to my order?

By confirming your order with us, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions. If you have any concerns about these terms or conditions, we recommend getting in touch before confirming your order

Some updates that changed as a result of the COVID experience:

    Deposits are non refundable, no exception. 
    As soon as you give the go-ahead on your order, and been issued a deposit invoice, time has already been spent - and a space has been held for you in the calendar (Likely at the expense of other orders). In some cases, your deposit may be transferable to a new date within 6 months of the original booking, but this is entirely at our discretion, and fees to transfer may apply. If your new date is OUTSIDE 6 months from the original date, we will need to re-quote your order

    In the event of a cancelled order, your deposit is non-refundable. If your order is cancelled with more than 30 days notice, no other charges apply
    If your event is cancelled with 17-30 days notice, a cancellation fee of $50 may apply depending on circumstance
    If your event is cancelled within 17 days, no refund of any kind is available. You would be best to collect your cake and enjoy it (or it will be disposed of or donated)
    If you are cancelling due to COVID or similar time-restricted event - If your cakes have already been baked - we are able to keep them frozen for up to 4 weeks. If your new date is within those 4 weeks (and we have availability for it) your order resumes as normal. If your new date is LATER than 4 weeks, new cakes will need to be baked for your new date, and there will be a charge for this. The unused cakes will either be disposed of - or you're welcome to collect and enjoy them. 

To give you some understanding of how our business works, and why we've put these rules in place:

- Parts of your order are started as soon as you pay your deposit (staff time creating your invoice and logging your order, any stock we need to order in including toppers, floral orders, special tools, boards). The next stage is started when you make final payment 17 days before your order (our wholesale ingredients are ordered based on your cake requirements, icings, fillings, fresh ingredients, and our staff are scheduled accordingly). Our cakes are all frozen for a minimum period of 2 days because this vastly improves their texture (mud cakes), they then need a few days to rest and develop their full flavour before being enjoyed - that means at minimum, we require 5 days prep time before your cake is ready to go. Depending on your week (whether it's after a long weekend, a mid-week event, etc) your cakes will either have been baked at the end of the previous week to your order, or on the Monday in order to allow for this time frame. Tuesdays (at the latest) we make all your decorations, figurines, sugar flowers. Wednesday your cakes are levelled filled, iced and stacked, and Thursday Friday we put everything together. This means - if you cancel on a Monday, your cakes are already baked and safely tucked up in the freezer. If you cancel Tuesday - your decorations are all already made, and if you cancel Wednesday - everything for your order is already ready (and your cakes can now not be returned to the freezer.)

We are a business - supporting four families - and these rules are in place to protect us, our time, and our product. If you have any concerns before booking your order, don't hesitate to get in touch first and discuss them.  

Invoicing and payment

• A 20% non refundable deposit is due within 2 days of invoicing and is required to confirm your order. The remaining 80% must be paid no later than 17 days prior to your order being ready. If you fail to make final payment your order will be cancelled, and/or a late fee may apply

• 20% deposits for all orders are non refundable, no exception. For weddings placing a standard $100 booking fee before confirming the cost of their order, this $100 fee is non refundable. If your order is postponed as a result of Covid-19 (and with plenty of notice) we may allow this deposit to be transferred to your new date, but this is entirely at our discretion, and fees may apply. 

• If we allow you to carry over your deposit to a new date, you will only be able to use that deposit towards an order of the same or greater value. If you choose to get a smaller order, you will still need to pay the full original quote.

• We DO NOT ALLOW early payments, or partial payments. If you choose to make full payment on your cake before you have been invoiced, an admin fee will apply, and you waive your right to a) make any change to your invoice (including flavours - if you have not yet chosen, we will choose for you) and b) receive a full or partial refund or any kind - or for any reason. If you make partial payments or set up a payment plan without consent from us - any and all payment(s) made are non refundable, and an admin fee will be added to your final invoice.

• If making a last minute order (within two weeks) full payment must be made immediately to confirm, either via Paypal or with proof of payment from bank transfer. Once you have given the go ahead (verbally, or via email) to book in the order, you are liable for the entire value if the order is cancelled.

• All payment made on last minute cakes (within two weeks) is non refundable.

• As a standard rule, no orders are eligible for part or full refund. Full payment is due 17 days before your order - by which time money and time has already been spent on your order, and will need to be taken into account.

• Any cancellation within 17 days of an order is non refundable.

• A standard $100 cancellation fee applies for orders that have been invoiced and held space in the calendar for longer than 3 days.

• A $100 late fee applies for final payments that are late. If you are unable to make your payment by the due date please get in touch with us early so we can make a plan, or late fee will be automatically applied.

• Orders can be UPSIZED after an invoice has been issued (provided we have the availability!) but they cannot be DOWNSIZED unless exceptional circumstances. If we do allow you to downsize your order, your new order must be no less than 80% the size/value of your original quote, and a fee of $50 will apply to process this. Once you have been invoiced and paid your deposit - you are agreeing to the size and value of the order detailed in your invoice - at which time we have also staffed your week according to the work load and hours available, AND have possibly turned down other orders to fit yours.
If you no longer need a cake the size in your invoice, you may be entitled to use the value of the invoice differently (ie - a smaller cake, but add on fresh flowers) but the value total will still apply. 

• Tasting boxes and cake bowls are not eligible for refund once purchased


• We take no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your order once it is in your possession. All our cakes have been constructed as soundly and securely as possible, and we will do our best to make you aware of how to make any minor fixes and/or how to transport and store it safely. Should an accident occur, we may be able to help for a fee, and depending on time availability.

• Due to the nature of the Stiletto Studio kitchen we cannot guarantee that your cake will not come into contact with nuts, milk products, or any other allergens. If you have a specific allergy, please advise us in advance.

• Whilst every care is taken to ensure your final product is exactly what you expected, sometimes due to weather, available product & time allowed, minor changes may be made. Should this happen, we will try our best to notify you in advance. By paying your deposit and agreeing to your cake, you are allowing us creative licence in creating the best looking cake we can provide for you under the circumstances.

• If you are unhappy with your cake please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Please note that there are no refunds for change of mind, and no partial or full refunds will be issued unless the product is returned in its original state, and within 12 hours of pick up - and then at the full discretion of Stiletto Studio.

• Should the worst occur and your cake artist is too unwell or unavailable to make your cake at the last minute, you will be fully refunded and/or we will endeavour to find another cake artist to take over your order if need be.


• Classes may be cancelled if less than the minimum number of students are available. We will try to give as much notice as possible.

• If your class is cancelled, the value paid for the class can be transferred to an alternative date, or used towards an alternative class. If no alternative date or class can be provided by us within a time frame of 3 months, you are entitled to a refund.

• If you cancel a class within 2 weeks of the date, you are not entitled to a refund.

• All classes must be paid in full to confirm booking.

• If you are no longer able to attend a class and can only notify us at the last minute, you are entitled to a refund only if you or we are able to find someone to take your place.

• Any private event bookings including classes and tastings are not eligible for a refund. If you are unable to make your tasting event or class you are entitled to change to an alternative date provided a minimum of one weeks notice is given.


  • A minimum spend applies for parties. If your guest numbers drop, this minimum spend will still apply.

  • Parties cancelled with less than 17 days notice are not eligible for a refund

  • Please note that for parties of children under the age of 15, an adult is required to remain at the studio for the duration of the party. For parties of children under the age of 8, we recommend two adults 

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