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We're wedding obsessed, and we think the cake is the cherry on top of your day! 

What's your wedding cake personality? Classic and elegant? Whimsical and romantic? Novelty and showstopping?
Either way - we've got it handled!

We know you have lots on your plate (excuse the pun) so we like to make this easy peasy. Order a tasting box, get some DESIGN INSPIRATION, scroll through some of the FAQs below, or get in touch

We celebrate all love here!

All love is love to us - and all love deserves celebrating with CAKE! 
(Unless you don't love cake, and then that's just something we'll have to work on)

Cake tasting.
The best part of wedding planning!

Let's be honest - this is the highlight of the planning process, and we all know it!

We have too many cake flavours to try all at once (sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?) so we do an assortment of 10 flavours each month, and no one will judge you for coming back for more!

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Wedding Cake FAQs

What does it cost?

Just like you as a couple, all our cakes are unique! And can be totally bespoke - simple or complex, traditional or novelty, big or small.

There are so many different elements to a wedding cake that impact the price - the size of the cake, the size of the servings, the level of detail and customization in the design, even how far we need to deliver it (and how many people we need to lift it!!). 

Because there isn't one size that fits all, we can't tell you how much your cake will cost until we chat with you! But jump over to our SIZES AND PRICES page to get an idea of what size might suit your number of guests (and what price that size starts at) and then get in touch for a quote :)

As a general guide - our most popular sized wedding cakes start around the $500 mark.

How does sizing work? How many tiers do I need?

Size matters! and we know it's confusing if you've never ordered a big cake before!

The main thing with cake sizing is how many guests you need to feed! We have a huge range of sizes available, and we'll send you a few different size options to choose from. Head over to our SIZES AND PRICES page to see some of our available sizes and how many they feed. To give you somewhere to start - our most popular size is a 5", 7", 9" three tier round cake, which feeds 112 COFFEE size portions, or 55 DESSERT portions.

It's also helpful to know what kind of LOOK you like - you can get the same number of servings from a WIDE two tier, as you can from a NARROW three tier, so the choice is really yours! (Clear as mud right!)

How big are the servings?

We offer two standard serving sizes:

- COFFEE size portions or "finger" portions, which measure 1" x 1" x 4" per piece. These are best served plattered, after a full meal and dessert. 
- STANDARD size portions or "dessert" portions, which measure 1" x 2" x 4" per piece. These are best served plated as your dessert

Serving your cake as dessert is a great way to make a saving on doubling up the sweets! 
Having a less formal dessert? Go with the COFFEE size portions, but also 2-3 pieces per person, then serve them plattered dessert-buffet style! 

Check out our SIZES AND PRICES page for more information on our serving sizes (and a visual!)

How do we figure out our dream design?

There's a few options here, and you can choose whichever suits you best!

Most of our couples plan their entire wedding cake by email (the magic of technology!) with photos, sizes and quotes going backwards and forwards until we've found your perfect option! Then poof - you're booked in ready to go.

If you're more of a visual in-person kind of person, you can also book a consult with Becs to talk all things cake in the studio! Our consultation spots are usually on a Monday or Tuesday evening, at an investment of $50. We recommend having a think about the basics of what you're after BEFORE your consult so we can jump right in, but don't be surprised if you find your dream cake right AFTER your consult, while you have cake on the brain!

If you have absolutely no idea where to start, we recommend jumping on Pinterest or our socials, and just start saving all the cakes you love! This helps us get an idea of the direction you're going in - and we can make more suggestions from there! (can't wait to see your ideas!!). We've also divided up the cake styles very loosely in our wedding gallery (above!) in case that helps you narrow down.

Who delivers the cake?

We do! And trust us - you'll prefer it that way! You'll be very busy on the big day (obviously) and we are very confident and practiced in visiting even the hairiest of Wellington venues (and beyond).

Best leave the delivery to the professionals - we do it every week! 

How much is delivery?

There are a few factors that impact delivery cost - the size of your cake (sometimes we need two people to lift and maneuver), the accessibility (some venues have very tight delivery windows, which means we may need to bring in another staff member to make it happen in time) and very occasionally - events! (deliveries to Martinborough on popular weekends - like the Martinborough fair - can take us twice as long). 

Roughly speaking - we charge the industry standard mileage rate of 0.83c per km return, and $30 - $50 per hour depending on your delivery person, and what they're needed for at the other end. If you have a very complex or fragile cake, OR if you need florals added on delivery, you'll need the big guns (Becs!) to be there for any damages, but a smaller simpler cake will be safe in the hands of one of our juniors

Can I pick up my wedding cake?

The short answer is - yes. We totally understand that budgets can be tight, and picking up your own cake might mean you have a bit of wiggle room to spend somewhere else!

That being said - if you choose to collect your own wedding cake, you also agree to take full responsibility for the cake and it's handling from the moment it's in your hot little hands, and we waive all responsibility for any damages from that point onwards. 

***Please note - your pick up time will be dictated by the freshness requirements on our end, and is unlikely to be flexible. Pick up is also NOT available for some types of cakes due to their fragile nature, or possible construction requirements that need to happen on site

What time will my cake be delivered?

This varies depending on the venue and our schedule for the day, and it's a moving beast week to week!

We DO NOT guarantee a particular delivery time, even if you have the most beautiful run sheet ever and it's BEGGING for a time in that cake delivery column!

Wedding season delivery days are a feat of scheduling tetris - between venue open times, florist delivery times, access times, weather, traffic, all the things! Our absolute priority is getting your cake to your venue safely, and on time, and (touch wood) we've yet to have a wedding we were late for!

In the weeks leading up to your big day we'll check in with you to confirm what time your venue opens, and what time your guests are due to start arriving, and your wedding cake will be delivered within that window. Leave it to the experts, and trust us on this one!

What's the deal with fresh flowers?

YAY we love fresh flowers!

Two options - either have your floral provider organise your flowers and leave them at the venue for us, OR order them through us and we'll take care of it. No fuss to us either way! Just let us know when ordering if you'd like your flowers quoted! 

And don't panic about logistics - if your florist is doing your cake flowers, we'll keep in touch with them directly on the day to make sure our timing lines up!

***Please note - if flowers are being provided for us to attach, we expect them to be taped and/or wired ready to go. If we arrive to loose florals a fee may apply for us to sort this for you

What can we do for a topper?

There are so many options!  We have a fantastic supplier who makes a range of acrylic toppers for us (literally anything you can imagine!), we can make customised fondant couple toppers (that you can keep forever) or you can provide your own. 

You're welcome to drop toppers off to us up to one week before, or leave on the cake table at the venue for us to attach :) 

Can I have fruit cake?

Yes! We offer a traditional fruit cake with all the almond-icing trimmings. Just keep in mind fruit cake is our most expensive flavour, and it's also our HEAVIEST! So if having fruit cake as part of your main display cake, it will need to be your bottom (biggest) tier, AND you will need to have a fondant finish on all your tiers to keep the finished look cohesive.

If you're a diehard fruit cake fan - go for it!! If you're a bit more budget conscious and only needing a couple of servings for your Nana - consider a small fruit cake in the kitchen.

What are your flavours?

You can find all our flavours HERE. You're welcome to have a different flavour per tier at no extra cost (and who wouldn't!).

How does payment work?

We require a 20% non refundable deposit to secure your date and booking, then final payment is due two weeks before your big day.

If you're keen to book your spot but not sure on the details yet, we also offer a standard $100 deposit.

ALLERGIES! What's the go?

We are a small studio that works with all the allergens - gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, you name it. We can provide cakes/cupcakes to suit all allergy requirements, BUT we cannot guarantee that absolutely no traces are present. We take the absolute most care possible, but please keep this in mind when planning.

Have guests with allergy requirements? We've got you covered! And there's two main scenarios:

Scenario ONE - A key person has an allergy (say, the bride, or the mother of the groom) and you'd like the whole cake to be allergy friendly. No problem! See the allergy warning above, and let's go for it! Most of our cake flavours can be altered to gluten free or egg free without much drama. Dairy free and vegan are a little more complex as they require us to change the outside icing from our regular ganache, and that can limit your size and/or design options. If you're not sure, just ask!

Scenario TWO - a few guests have come back with allergies, but not enough to change the whole cake. Easy! We can make cupcakes on the side for guests who need them! Our classic chocolate or chocolate raspberry cupcakes can be GF/EF/NF/DF/Vegan all in the one delicious bundle, so a great choice for covering all your bases!

What advice do you have for me???

My very best wedding advice after 14 years in the industry? Trust the experts!!

We know you're working with so many new people, this might be your first EVER big event to plan, and there can be so much stress and pressure tied up in that! But - pick vendors you trust, with a style, work ethic and vibe you LOVE, and then let them work their magic. You'll get the very best out of your vendors if you let them do what they do - plus you'll get to relax and enjoy the ride!!