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Thank you for the amazing cake

"The cake was loved by all, thanks again for doing such an amazing job even amidst the Women's Expo. I was super impressed that you delivered such a great result from just a few emails back and forth. So refreshing to have someone bring your idea to life exactly how I imagined, no dramas! Such a great reaction from everyone when the red cake was revealed. Also, after getting over his initial fear of the cake, my three year old cousin enjoyed picking out the teeth and eating them like candy."  Sarah

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Corporate Cake

"What an amazing cake that was produced for the closing night function that was held on Saturday evening in the Lone Star function facilities. I can tell you it had centre-piece attention and when it was originally revealed down at the St James theatre on the night I would estimate at least 20 cast and crew members ran off and got their cell phones and took pics of the cake.... They were all blown away by the presentation. So, a big thank you from me and my team." Michael 

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